In a rapid paced business world, leading organizations are recognizing that there is a huge gap in the capacity and ability of their workforce to effectively connect with clients, collaborate with coworkers and cultivate innovative opportunities. There is a driving need for leading professionals to remain competitive and possess strong skills in human behavior, change management, team cohesiveness, emotional intelligence and resiliency. Decoding the mystery of relationships requires an understanding of oneself and others in order to excel in communications, interact with different (difficult) people, boost client engagement and cultivate employee retention and advancement.

We deliver custom trainings that enhance and fortify skills and knowledge as it relates to human behavior, team cohesiveness, emotional intelligence and resiliency; we help our clients develop their capability, capacity, productivity and performance.

Nicole Bowe-Rahming

Nicole Bowe-Rahming, better known as The Fortitude Coach, is a 25 year military spouse, and chief facilitator at The Fortitude Institute. As a facilitator, coach and international speaker, she has enthusiastically worked with audiences for over 20 years. From youth to Career Military Professionals alike, she has propelled her audiences to “get out of their way” and increase momentum in their businesses, careers and life.

Her personality driven, interactive, energy packed, memorable and fun style of presenting engages audiences from all walks of life, increasing participation, deepening retention and encouraging application. She is passionate about helping leaders and teams identify their personal hindrances so they can increase their productivity and reach beyond their limits.

"I've been in the business for a year and a half, after implementing her strategies, I was able to create an organized follow up system, constantly being reminded to give value, which i think gets lost with lots of NEW entrepreneurs. I was 2nd to the TOP producer in Hawaii last month and going for my 3rd run this month, the best month I've had in the business and Nicole is always there as a resource for me. Love her dearly. Thank you so much Nicole for all that you do for me and the community!"

Jane Robles - Independent Herbal Life Coach